[100% OFF] SQL Programming and MySQL Developer Certification Training


[100% OFF] SQL Programming and MySQL Developer Certification Training


SQL Programming and MySQL - Course Syllabus

1. Basics of Databases:

Data Models and basic terminologies

Advantages and disadvantages of DBMS

2. SQL Basic Understanding

What is SQL?

What SQL Can do?

SQL Process

ACID Properties

What is ER Model?

Best Practices

Database Normalization

3. Introduction to SQL

SQL Commands

SQL Constraints

Types of Keys

MySQL Hands-on

4. SQL Basic Commands with demonstration

5. Basics and Aggregation Functions

6. Regular Expression Functions
7. SQL Comparison Clauses


not exists

create table like

case when

NULL Functions

8. SQL String Functions

9. SQL Numerical Function

10. Introduction to Date Functions
11. SQL Joins – Introduction and demonstration
12. Introduction MySQL Workbench
13. Stored Procedures and Views


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