[100% OFF] Build chat app, android studio (java) with firebase & SQLite


[100% OFF] Build chat app, android studio (java) with firebase & SQLite


Build a group and one to one chat using android studio with firebase real time database and SQLite

This course looks very short, but in fact more than 50% of this course run in 5X speed to reduce the time and the video size, to make it easier for upload and download and watching

In this course we will learn how to:

1. Create a new android studio project using java language

2. Create a new firebase project to store all chat messages

3. Create an error class that will send all error messages with the error line numbers and phone brand and phone model to firebase real time database, so you can control and get all errors as soon as possible to fix all bugs

4. Create a user profile ( user name, user age, user gender ) stored in SQLite database

5. Create a chat bubble using XML shapes

6. Write and read in firebase real time database

7. Save all new messages in a local database using SQLite

8. Display all messages from local database, so you can read all messages in offline mode, display all messages so fast, save internet traffic

9. Create 3 chat groups

10. Create one to one chat

11. Auto translate messages before sending it to partner

12. Integrate google sign in ( sign in to chat app using gmail )

Also you will get all source code in PDF files.

· activities java

· activities xml

· drawable xml

· gradle and manifest

· values xml


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