[100% OFF] Become a MEAN Stack Developer: MongoDB; Express;Angular;Node



MEAN, a free, open-source, full-stack solution for MEAN applications. MEAN combines MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js into a single, full­stack solution for JavaScript development

This course introduces development techniques that capitalise on the strengths of every layer in the MEAN stack, using a simple shopping list application project that has a Backend server side Api built with Node , Express and MongoDB  and a Frontend client built with angular 6 that will exchange with  the backend Api . Data will be exchanged between a browser based client and an API  backend service .  You will learn the essential concepts of the MEAN stack .

Learn how to create a component and a form for users to add new  items and also to edit items. The front end  Angular Client will display data stored from the backend service. These techniques can be reused and recombined in your own MEAN­based web applications.

What we will cover includes:

·         Installing and setting up your MEAN development environment

·         Configuring Angular Component with a form to add new items and also to edit existing items

·         Creating http methods

·         Displaying stored items from databasse

·         Learn how to connect your Angular Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend

·         Installing and working with MongoDB and Node.js

·         Implementing a MongoDB schema 

·         Defining routes

·         Using Postman to interact with backend API

·         Using nodemon to run server

·         Implementing middleware

·         Subscribing to Observables

·         Creating a data service

·         Injecting service into component

·         Editing component

·         Nesting Component



content from: https://www.udemy.com/course/become-a-mean-stack-developer-mongodb-expressangularnode

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