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During my more than 10 years of experience in the area of Data AnalysisBusiness Intelligence, I see people feel not comfortable when they move from SQL track to Power BI DAX. Anyone can take this course who want to learn Power BI DAX in a practical way. People who have experience with SSRS reporting services and if they want to learn what will be the equivalent of SQL in DAX, this course will help you understand Power BI DAX in a very easy step by step approach.

This course is purely based on DAX studio and SQL. First, we write SQL query and then we try to achieve the same results in DAX studio. I updated all of the courses available on Udemy regularly with the latest updates from Microsoft.

This is one of the unique courses available on Udemy that takes SQL and DAX Power BI together.


This course includes the following topics.

- How to import data into SQL from Excel?

-Data Validation

-Use of Select & Evaluate to fetch the Data

-Selectcolumns function in DAX and SQL

-How to sort results in DAX and SQL

-How to create calculated column in DAX and SQL

-Distinct records in DAX and SQL

-How to fetch unique records using Summarize function

-Power BI Coalesce function in DAX and SQL

-Custom column using Summarize and Selectcolumns function

-Filtering record set in DAX and SQL

-Multiple logical conditions with Filter and Selectcolumn

-Countrows with Summarize for grouping

-Use of Addcolumns to achieve aggregation

-Addcolumn with Selectcolumn

-Addcolumns with Summarize function

-Calculatetable to filter recordset

-Calculatetable vs Filter function

-When to use calculatetable and filter function

-Naturalinnerjoin and Inner join in DAX and SQL

-Naturalinnerjoin and no physical relationship

-Alternatives of Natural Inner join in DAX

-Having clause in DAX and SQL

-Left outer join in dax and sql

-Cross join in dax and SQL

-Summarizecolumns in DAX and SQL

-Summarizecolumns with measure

-IN operator in DAX and SQL

-Search string in DAX and SQL

-Search string from left or right in DAX and SQL

-TopN results in DAX and SQL

-Generate with TopN in DAX and SQL



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