Become a Front End Developer – JavaScript for Beginners



Beginner friendly course

If you are from a non-IT profession and you want to shift to application development, then this is the course for you.

  • The topics are clearly structured.
  • Appropriate instructions and opportunity provided to the learner to code along with the instructor.
  • Guided implementation of case study and project.

About JavaScript

According to StackOverflow Developer Survey, JavaScript is the Most Popular Technology during 2020. Most popular websites use JavaScript. As of 2021, around 97.4% of websites use JavaScript.

Using JavaScript you can develop web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications and server side programming.

It is easier to get started and learn JavaScript.

What is in this course?

The following are the major areas covered in this course:

  1. Programming Fundamentals
    • Statements, Code Execution Flow, Literals, Arithmetic Operators, Variables, Function, Conditional Statements, Loops, String, Array, Object, Class, Module, Arrow Function, Variable Scoping, Numbers and Dates
  2. Web Page manipulation using DOM (Document Object Model)
    • Learn manipulating HTML elements
    • Learn to handle DOM events
    • Implement 2 Case Studies and an Exercise
  3. Getting data from server (Using XMLHttpRequest and fetch)
    • Learn about getting data from server
    • Understand about REST API and JSON
    • Implement making REST API call using XMLHttpRequest and fetch
    • Implement case study that searches countries
    • Implement an exercise to search street names in France
    • Understand basics of HTTP protocol and HTTP method types

The above topics helps you to become a Front End Developer.

This course does not cover the desktop application development, mobile application development and server side programming.

During this learning journey, you are provided with:

  • 36 Exercises
  • 3 Case Studies
  • 1 Project (Tic-Tac-Toe game)



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