How to start learn coding with real projects


This guide will walk you through  on how to start learn coding and programming with real projects and test your developing skills

When deciding on a particular tool for the coding learning, look for ease and speed. These two things matter in the world of programming. And I believe there are tons of exciting platforms  like treehouse to make your skills better. 

In this tutorial on "my free online courses", you'll get to know how to start learning and gain new coding skills easily using treehouse platform


How to learn coding in treehouse (2021)

There is multi programming language in the internet like python , java , javascripte , C , C++ and more . its very important to gain some knowledge about this stuff to be eligible to develop and create what you want and get job , treehouse platform provide  Learning by actually building something yourself, that can help you to consolidate information

Here are three quick steps to start:

1. signup on treehouse

2. choose your programming language

3. start learning and doing projects

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