C++ Exception Handling with Examples (Basic to Advanced)


  • You should already be familiar with the basic syntax of C++ – functions, control structure, operators and variables.


Update: From today (1st November 2022) this course is now free for all. After almost 3 years of launching this course I had finally decided to make this as free due to some reasons. I would like to express my gratitude & appreciation for all the students who enrolled in the paid version of this course. 

Want to learn the most typical and important topic in any programming language. In this course you will learn Exception Handling in C++ covering all the basic to advanced topics with the help of great examples along the way.

I will be using Dev C++ as a compiler but you can use any compiler of your choice. Before starting the course you should have at least basic understanding of C++ syntax – operators, functions, control structure.

The course contains 5 section having total of 11 lectures – 2 hours of video content. Apart from that there are 9 C++ files included in the “Downloadable Resource” section for better understanding of its concepts. Also various MCQ’s / Quizzes for better understanding of your concepts.

Here’s a list of topics covered in the course –

  1. Why there was a need for exception handling.
  2. Basics of Exception Handling.
  3. How Exception handling works / mechanism.
  4. Use of try, catch and throw.
  5. Function that generates exception.
  6. Multiple catch statements.
  7. How to Catch all the exceptions using (…)
  8. Nested exception handling
  9. Restricting / Specifying throw restriction
  10. Re throwing an Exception

      And much more along the way…

This topic is highly recommended on the perspective of Interviews for companies  or Examination.

Who this course is for:

  • The free udemy course is suitable for beginners in C++ programming language – functions, operators, variables, control structure.
  • Please do not take the course if you have no prior experience in any programming language.

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