Full-Stack Web Development with React and MongoDB


Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you so much for reaching here. This course is designed to give you hands-on experience of real development.

In this course, I will cover front-end frameworks: React. On the server-side, you’ll learn to implement NoSQL databases using MongoDB and MongoDB Compass with aggregation and other important functions.

Then you will learn how to use MongoDB in NodeJS using ExpressJS for API development.

We will also learn how to write API documentation using Swagger Tool and OpenAPI which will help you to excel in your career.

And then we will integrate API to React application where we will implement the CRUD application.

Below are some of the topics that will be covered during the course:

Introduction to ReactJS

  • Basics of React JS
  • Node js Installation
  • React Project Creation
  • Visual Studio Code installation
  • Project structure Understanding
  • React Components
  • How to use HTML
  • State
  • Handle Function
  • Props

API Creation using NodeJS and ExpressJS

  • Create the First API
  • Get Request
  • Postman Installation
  • Get Request With Param
  • Post Request
  • Put Request
  • Delete Request

Introduction to MongoDB

  • MongoDB Installation
  • MongoDB Compass Installation
  • MongoDB Compass Basic Queries
  • MongoDB Compass Find & Sort
  • MongoDB Compass Aggregation: $Match
  • MongoDB Compass Aggregation: $Project
  • MongoDB Compass Aggregation: $addFields
  • MongoDB Compass Aggregation: $Sort
  • MongoDB Compass Aggregation: $Group
  • MongoDB Compass Aggregation: $Unwind
  • MongoDB Compass Aggregation: Pipeline for NodeJS

MongoDB integration with NodeJS

  • How to fetch data from MongoDB using NodeJS
  • How to Insert data to MongoDB using NodeJS
  • How to update data to MongoDB using NodeJS
  • How to delete data to MongoDB using NodeJS

Swagger API Documentation for NodeJS API

  • Introduction to Swagger & Installation
  • Swagger First API Doc
  • GET API Doc with Schema
  • POST API Doc
  • PUT API Doc
  • Delete API Doc

ReactJS Project Creation With API Integration

  • API UP and Running
  • Create UI Project
  • UX for CURD Application
  • Fetch API
  • CORS Issue
  • Fetch and Render in UI
  • CSS and Bootstrap
  • BootStrap Model Window(Pop Up)
  • POST request
  • Fetch Single Record
  • PUT Request
  • Delete record

Will add GIT/GitHub later.

Thank you so much, hope you will get something out of it, All the best.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner React developer
  • Experience Web Developer
  • API Developer

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