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  • Experience in SaaS


Learn SaaS marketing from an expert with 13 years experience marketing for Sony, two Google-backed SaaS startups, bootstrapped startups, and SaaS companies at various stages of venture funding from Series A to D.

I will teach you…

  • The single most cost-effective way to acquire new SaaS customers
  • New! How to generate $1M in sales pipeline in 6 months
  • New! 1-Sheet Million Dollar Blueprint PDF
  • Dekker’s SaaS Positioning Worksheet
  • Step-by-step instructions for advertising profitably through platforms such as LinkedIn (with examples of successful SaaS ads)
  • How to grow your SaaS business profitably
  • How I acquired users for less than 10 cents each
  • Specific examples of SaaS marketing that have worked for me and others
  • SaaS lead generation strategies & tactics
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reach out to key influencers to generate cost-effective word-of-mouth marketing
  • How to build your SaaS marketing funnel and overall marketing plan (in 1 page)
  • Detailed SaaS lead nurturing strategies and tactics (lead nurturing mastery!)
  • Detailed step-by-step marketing instructions
  • How to fix problem like poor MQL-to-SQL conversion rates
  • How my product got 15 million views from a single video with no ads
  • Specific tactics that worked for me in generating cost-effective sales meetings
  • Real-world SaaS marketing examples & cases
  • Startup marketing
  • How to approach lead generation and demand generation in 2021

This course includes:

  • Videos (tutorials, walk-throughs, go-to-market interview)
  • Templates (Word, Excel)
  • PDFs
  • Articles
  • Quizzes

I’m a Silicon Valley marketing veteran with 13 years’ experience in software marketing for companies including Sony, a Google-backed SaaS, SaaS firms at various stages of venture funding, and numerous bootstrapped SaaS startups. I have an MBA from the #1 marketing school in the US, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I also wrote numerous marketing books and taught college-level marketing. This is my SaaS marketing playbook!

This is the perfect course for SaaS founders and their marketers and consultants. Amplify the effectiveness of your marketing team immediately without paying the hefty fees of a Silicon Valley CMO or senior consultant. Empower your team with this bundle which is guaranteed to DOUBLE your qualified SaaS leads! This is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to get senior-level marketing advice for your SaaS product.

Don’t learn from trial and error. Don’t waste your cash on marketing experiments that don’t pay off. This bundle will save you countless wasted dollars and produce qualified lead IMMEDIATELY. 



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