AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate


  • Willingness to pursue a career as an AWS Administrator, or SysOps Administrator or AWS Cloud Engineer: The AWS Sysops Administrator Training does not require or mandate any prerequisites and can be opted by any learner to master the core concepts or knowledge on AWS SysOps Administrator Certification requirements. AWS Administrator or Systems Operations Admin requires a lot of core or basic knowledge on networking concepts, systems engineering concepts, which are well explained comprehensively in this course. The core level to advanced level concepts of AWS SysOps Administrator is explained very clearly under this course contents and its description. This course can also be chosen by all the learners who have a strong knowledge of computer science subjects or networking concepts or operating systems concepts or any other system administration related experience.


The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator is a certification program developed by Amazon which is Amazon’s services provided or hosted as a cloud service. This certification can be obtained by clearing an exam conducted by Amazon. The exam is of multiple-choice type and provides 130 minutes to complete. It costs 150 USD. It is available in different languages such as English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. To clear this certification, one needs to have good knowledge on topics such as deployment and management of highly available, fault-tolerant and scalable systems on AWS, controlling the flow of data to and from AWS, following the best practices of AWS operations, migrating the workloads to AWS cloud premises, estimating the usage costs and operations costs on AWS. The skills recommended for obtaining the AWS SysOps Admin Certification are to understand the architecture of AWS cloud, AWS CLI, and AWS SDKs or its APIs experience is recommended, knowledge in virtualization technology, auditing and monitoring the services on the system, etc.

This AWS Certified SysOps Administrator also requires strong knowledge of networking concepts, security standards, or concepts, translating the requirements of architecture. A minimum of one or two years of hands-on experience is highly recommended before obtaining this AWS SysOps Administrator certification.

  • The set of skills those which can be obtained upon completion of this AWS SysOps Administrator course are AWS, SysOps Administrator, Associate Level, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), EC2, Route 53 Service, AWS Concepts, AWS Storage Components, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Route 53, Database on AWS, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Application Services, Exam Tips, etc.
  • The AWS Sysops Administrator Training contains also several sub-topics or courses under an individual course and few chapters under this course which were covered in the form of course curriculum are such as usage of different services under AWS and its applications for different requirements etc.
  • Some skills can be obtained upon completing this AWS SysOps Administrator course are such as Cloud Computing, AWS, Data Storage Service, Java API, AWS CLI, AWS Security, EC2, VPC, AWS S3, etc.
  • The AWS Sysops Administrator Training also contains a set of tangible skills that are covered at the core level to advanced level are such as AWS Email Service, DevOps, Sysops, Route 53, Machine Learning, Cloud Migration, AWS Tools, etc.
  • This AWS SysOps Administrator course is very useful for deploying and managing a lot of services that are required to be highly available or high scalability or fault tolerance and to make the services or applications stable all the time

Who this course is for:

  • Students of Computer Science or Technical or Science background: All the learners of this course who are having Bachelor’s in engineering or technology or science areas can opt for choosing this AWS Sysops Administrator Training as it is a very good option to master the contents of this AWS SysOps Administrator concepts and its relative applications. All the prospective learners who are very much interested in learning to acquire some knowledge on Amazon Web Service and AWS Systems Operations and its relative applications or services can opt for this AWS course. This AWS Sysops Administrator Training is highly advantageous and beneficial to master the latest technological updates in the area of cloud services or cloud platforms in the career of an AWS Cloud professional with the complete benefits to all the learners’ profession. The course is highly recommended to the prospective learners who are interested in learning the concepts of AWS SysOps tools and their services. This AWS SysOps Administrator course has been developed and designed to explain from the basic level to advanced level concepts for the benefit of all the types of learners to secure better job opportunities. AWS System Analyst or Cloud Migration Engineer or AWS Developer: The learners of this AWS SysOps Administrator course will be able to master the topics that all are related to AWS Systems Operations Administrator and its maintenance of cloud services in the area of AWS Cloud Platform, different services in AWS architecture or cloud platform, etc., as a part of the contents of this AWS Sysops Administrator Training that are of higher importance in the area of AWS Cloud. This course adds greater benefits to the prospective learners to their career roles such as a Data Analyst Cloud Engineer, QA QC Engineer, Vmware Administrator, Windows Administrator, Inspection Engineer, Solution Architect, AWS Cloud Engineer, AWS System Analyst, AWS Database Admin, Cloud Migration Engineer, etc. This course can opt-in order to secure the best career opportunities in the area of AWS Cloud Admin or Development areas.

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