Complete English Grammar For Lower Levels


  • Learners are expected to be at least A2 level (Pre-Intermediate) to follow this course.


The course aims to teach all major grammar topics from pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate levels (A2-B2 levels). Most important features of this udemy course are as follows:

  • The instructor uses a simple and easy-to-follow language.
  • The instructor really TEACHES the grammar points in detail, and does not simply read the notes and go over the materials. 
  • The course concentrates only on important grammar points. The instructor is really careful to include only significant details. He skips points that are either too easy or too unnecessarily detailed.
  • All the course materials, including course notes, exercises, and other support materials are presented in .pdf format, so that the learners can follow the course easily by taking their own notes.
  • Grammar points are presented through original and fun-to-read examples. The instructor has carefully avoided boring and commonly-used examples.
  • The course offers extremely rich, highest quality support materials. This will help you practice the points that you have learnt in great detail. 
  • Grammar points are presented through really fun movie clips, songs, poems, and many other fun elements. This will help you have fun while learning and also become more knowledgeable in American and British pop culture, in particular.
    All in all, this course offers you a unique learning experience with highest quality possible. Come and experience it yourself!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is best for A2 and B1 level English learners and above (Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate)
  • B2 level English learners who need a stronger grammar background will also benefit from this course significantly
  • English teachers who would like some ideas about how to present complex grammar points in an easy-to-understand way will benefit from this course
  • Students who are planning to take international language exams can develop a strong grammar base with this course

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