Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator


  • You should be an aspiring creative wanting to create incredible videos!
  • You should have a beginning or moderate understanding of shooting and editing
  • You should have a camera and video editing software


This filmmaking course with over 55,000+ students worldwide covers all the aspects of planning, equipment, setting up, filming, lighting, sound recording, video production, and editing an incredible video. 

If you are a beginner YouTuber, Instagrammer, TikToker, video creator, or filmmaker looking to successfully create awesome videos, then this course is made for you!

[ NEW 2023 UPDATE: I’ve just added 7.5 hours of brand new content, 24 downloadable assets, and 70 video lessons which cover everything you need to take your videos to the next level! ]

Here are some key skills you’ll walk away with from this course:

1. Gain a film school level understanding of the video creation process from start to finish

2. Turn your ideas into a clear shotlist and plan out all your important video details

3. Use analytics to research your niche and drive more views/audience engagement

4. Confidently use all of your camera settings, functionality, and video equipment

5. Understand all of the theory, artistic, practical, and creative aspects of filmmaking

5. Properly setup, frame, light, capture cinematic looking footage, and record crystal clear audio

6. Edit all of your content into high quality looking and sounding videos

These are the main topics you’ll gain confidence, knowledge, and skill in:

1. Personal and Creative Development 

Before I even dive into the filmmaking aspects, I explain the secrets other courses leave out. These principles act as a framework for your creativity to build on, which include: 

•    Creative self discovery 

•    Optimized daily routine 

•    Life map and progress tracking 

•    Emulating others success 

•    Clarity of video production goals

2. Pre-Production: Research, Planning, and Setting Your Videos Up for Success

This step is one of the most crucial and misunderstood parts of creating an incredible video. Here I explain how to properly plan and develop your videos before the production process, including: 

•     Guidelines that all succesful films follow 

•     Entire pre-production process 

•     Research and development 

•     Creating characters, story, and shotlist

3. Production: Gear, Settings, Cinematography, Lighting, Framing, Sound, and More

This is my favorite part, here I share the golden rules and timeless principles of filmmaking that will allow you to create incredible videos regardless of what equipment you are using. This portion will absolutely have the most impact on your videos. A few of these techniques include: 

•     Mastering your lenses 

•     Key principles of lighting 

•     Sound recording fundamentals 

•     Creating cinematic imagery 

•     Framing, shot choice, and camera movement 

4. Post-Production: Color Correction, Video Editing, Filters, Presets, and Exporting

The most complex and time consuming part of any video is the video editing process. Here, I shed some light on using this step to create proffesional looking videos that stand out among the sea of other online video content. 

•    Capturing, organizing, and creating your initial edit 

•    4 main factors of when to make your edits 

•    Music, audio fx, and sound design

•    Crafting an awesome looking montage

    Color correction and color grading 

•    The best export settings for social media 

Film and edit better videos no matter what:

Whether you’re filming Instagram videos, YouTube videos, short films, music videos, documentaries, videos for professional clients, personal projects, on a smartphone or camera… The actionable takeaways from this course will benefit you regardless of your equipment or budget.

You’ll have lifetime access to:

  • 185 individual video lessons
  • 24 course chapters
  • 13 hours of learning content
  • 19 downloadable assets
  • 18 hands-on learning activities
  • 2 expert guest speakers
  • 100 gigabytes of streamable content
  • Community of 55,000+ fellow students
  • Lifetime access to the tutorials and assets
  • Updates to all future course materials
  • One on one with me in the Q&A section

If you want to create content like never before, save years of trial and error, learn the entire video creation process, and create more videos than ever… then this is the course for you!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginning to intermediate youtubers, video bloggers, filmers, editors, and all video creators!

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