Complete Google Ads Course | Hands on Google Ads & PPC


  • No Google Ads experience is required.
  • Only and internet access and willingness to focus on the course is required!


Are you ready to be one of the elite group of people who possesses the power of Google Ads?

Glad to hear!

You are about to boost your career as a digital marketer.

Because Google Ads is the number one tool in any digital marketers toolbox.

You will be able to run ads on Google and generate sales and leads with tons of profit.

Ultimately you will make more money.

Whether you want to run Google ads for your business or for your clients in an agency, you need to become a master in this complicated platform.

Yes, Google Ads is complicated. But wait till you hear this…

I will show the easiest way to become a Google Ads master in the shortest period of time.


I have been working in the most successful digital marketing agencies in the world.

Seen dozens of different PPC strategies. Some were great, some were subpar.

After 10 years of working in agencies, I realised something very peculiar.

One weird strategy of running Google Ads puts money in the bank again and again.

However, the rest of the Google Ads strategies barely broke even.

I wanted to put this to test and tried it on my business and…


This PPC strategy worked again.

At this point I knew I was onto something big.

What did I do? I shared this information with many marketing departments. Mentored people.

It was all great, but I wanted everyone to have access to this information on a mass scale.

So I decided to create this Hands on Google Ads course.

So people all around the world can access it at the same time and ask their questions to me directly.

What you can expect at the end of this course?

  • You will be present when your customers are searching for you with Google Search Ads.
  • You will retarget people who visited your website but didn’t buy with Google Display Ads.
  • You will generate high-quality leads by appearing in your customers’ inbox with Google Discovery Ads.
  • You will target your target audience right before they watch a video on YouTube.
  • You will show your product image in the Google search results when they want to buy it.

Enough with the skills you will gain at the end.

Let me tell you what you will see inside of this value packed course.

What will you see exactly?

You will see clear explanations of Google Ads terminologies, practical in-platform campaign setups, live optimizations and campaign analysis.

This PPC Google Ads course will have white board lectures, screen share lectures and live presentations walk-troughs.

Everything is perfectly constructed to teach you the highest-paid skill of Google Ads. In the shortest amount of time.

This teaching structure cannot be seen on YouTube or any other platform. Because this took months to record. And I took out 45 hours of content to make it concise and clear to understand.

In this Google Ads Mastery course you will learn:

  • Navigating to Google Ads Platform
  • Identifying your goal as a business
  • Google Ads metrics
  • Google Ads targeting
  • Google Ads audience targeting
  • Google Ads keyword targeting
  • How Google Ads auction works
  • Winning Google Search campaign structure
  • Google Search ads bidding strategies
  • Google Ads conversion tracking
  • Google Search campaign setup
  • Google Search ads negative keywords
  • Google Search ads dynamic keyword insertions
  • Downloadable negative keyword list
  • Reading auction insights
  • Google Ads Optimizations (with the downloadable checklist)
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Display Ads bidding strategies
  • Google Display Ads campaign setup
  • Google Discovery Ads basics
  • Google Discovery Ads bidding strategies
  • Google Discovery Ads campaign setup
  • Google Shopping Ads profit calculator
  • Google Shopping Ads conversion tracking from Analytics
  • Google Merchant Center training
  • Pulling product feed from the Google Merchant Center
  • Google Shopping Ads campaign setup
  • Google Video Ads (YouTube Ads) basics
  • Google Video Ads (YouTube Ads) creative formula for lead generation
  • Google Video Ads (YouTube Ads) creative formula for ecommerce
  • Google Video Ads (YouTube Ads) campaign setup
  • Google Video Ads (YouTube Ads) campaign optimization
  • Google Performance Max Ads basics
  • Google Performance Max Ads campaign setup
  • Google Performance Max Ads optimizations
  • Google App campaigns basics
  • Google App campaign setup

Let me tell you something.

This is not even the best part.

You will be able to ask your questions in the message section.

All of your questions will be answered within 24 hours. GUARANTEED!

So, if you want to learn this powerful money making skill in the shortest amount of time, this is your address.

Buy the course now and see your career transform!

Who this course is for:

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to advertise their products or services effectively online.
  • Marketing professionals who want to enhance their skills in managing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Freelancers or digital marketing consultants aiming to expand their service offerings by including Google Ads management.
  • E-commerce store owners seeking to optimize their Google Ads campaigns and increase online sales.
  • Startups and new businesses looking to establish a strong online presence through targeted advertising.
  • Marketing managers or team members responsible for managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns within their organization.
  • Digital marketing enthusiasts interested in gaining in-depth knowledge and practical skills in Google Ads.
  • Website owners or bloggers aiming to monetize their platforms through effective ad placement and management.
  • Individuals aspiring to start a career in digital marketing or pay-per-click advertising.
  • Anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals and best practices of Google Ads and PPC advertising.
  • Marketing students or individuals studying digital marketing who want to gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience with Google Ads.
  • Affiliate marketers looking to drive targeted traffic to their affiliate offers through optimized Google Ads campaigns.
  • Non-profit organizations aiming to raise awareness, attract donors, or promote their causes through Google Ads.
  • Local business owners or service providers seeking to attract customers within their specific geographical area through targeted local advertising with Google Ads.
  • Social media managers or digital media professionals interested in integrating Google Ads into their overall online advertising strategy.

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