Create Awesome App Landing Page with WordPress Elementor


Do you want to Learn Creating Awesome App Landing Page with wondrous Features like:

  • Awesome Hero Area
  • Entrance Animations
  • Animated Line Hover Effect
  • Flipping Icon Hover Effect
  • Unique Features Section with App Images changing Automatically
  • Gradient Text , Gradient Icons , Gradient Buttons , Gradient Backgrounds that suit for an App Landing Page
  • Over 12+ Website Sections including Newsletter Section , Pricing Section , Download App Section and many more
  • Adding Premium features without using any paid plugin
  • Adding Custom CSS and Js

Welcome to this Mega App Landing Page Course “Create Awesome App Landing Page with WordPress Elementor” where I will share my knowledge on creating such websites with many tips and tricks step by step.

This whole course is divided into few sections :

Section1 : Its a Intro to the course , where overall you will get to know what you are going to Learn in this Course and also you will get a peek to the Final Website that we are going to create by the end of this course

Section2 : Basics : Where we will Install WordPress on a Live Server . We will Install Elementor and also we will see how to work with Elementor.

Section3 : Creating an Awesome Animated Line Hover Effect : Here we are going create a class by which wherever we put that class in our project animated line hover effect will be applied to that part . Create once use multiple times concept .

Section4 : Prep Work : Where we will set global typography and color for our app landing page website and also we will set a custom Home page .

Section5 : Main Project : Appster : Where we will create our entire Website

Section6 : Fixed Header and Menu : Where we will create our Logo , menu and set our Header Fixed at top . And also when users start scrolling, automatically a background will be added to the header.

Section7 : Google Map , Contact Form , Footer : Here we will update our website with Google Map , Contact Form and Footer

Section8 : Final Touch : Entrance Animation And Flipping Icon Hover Effect : Here we are going to implement two interesting features

Section9 : Resources Section : Here you will find all the resources, graphics that are used in this course

I am really feeling honored to walk you through all of these step by step

Everything is explained in detailed fashion. All the resources are attached in the resource section.

Also if you have any issue understanding some concept , please let me know via Q/A section.

So why waiting , Enroll Now !! and Start Creating an Awesome Unique App Landing Page

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to Learn Creating App Landing Page Step by Step with Awesome Graphics , this Course is for you
  • If you want to Learn Adding Premium Features to Websites , this Course is for you
  • If you want to Learn Creating Gradient Buttons , Gradient Icons , Gradient Texts , Gradient Buttons that suits an App Landing Page, this Course is for you
  • If you want to Learn Creating Awesome Unique Hover Effects like Animated Line Effect , Flipping Icon Effect, this Course is for you

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