Flutter 1.2 with Firebase&Stripe Build shop app from scratch

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  • Basic knowledge in Flutter and Dart


Course prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge in¬†programming¬†to get started
  • Basic knowledge of¬†Flutter
  • Concepts are explained clearly. You will always¬†learn what you’re building and why, and then how to do it.

How this course can be of help:

  • Gaining more knowledge in¬†Flutter and Firebase with payment gateway
  • Learn how to make an online shopping application simply

What’s in the course:

  • Complex¬†UI¬†has done simply
  • State management
  • Firebase
  • Clean code¬†and¬†avoid Boilerplate¬†code
  • Styles for¬†UI
  • State Management:¬†setState,¬†lifting state up¬†via callbacks,¬†global access,¬†scoped access¬†with¬†Provider¬†and¬†ChangeNotifier
  • Navigation
  • Dart
  • Forms, input handling, and validation
  • Managing and updating¬†packages
  • Databases and Cloud¬†Firestore
  • ListViews¬†and multiple UI states
  • Firebase¬†Authentication
  • Firebase¬†Firestore
  • Firebase¬†Storage
  • Dart Programming Language – Fundamentals and intermediate topics
  • How to understand Flutter Mobile Development by building apps incrementally.
  • How to design, build, debug Flutter Android apps
  • How to get Flutter apps to communicate with a real-time database – Firestore
  • How to build robust apps with Flutter
  • Flutter AppBar
  • Flutter Material Design
  • Flutter Row¬†and¬†Column
  • Flutter ListView Builder
  • Stripe payment gateway

Course structure:

approximately 15 hours of content and updated regally 


  • Windows application development OR Mac application development
  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • and you are ready for the journey
  • Love learning about applying cutting-edge algorithms to practical cases!

What Should I Expect After this Course?:

  • The ability to build a fully functional shopping application with a firebase
  • New information regarding Flutter

Note that the course builds on windows, so I didn’t have a chance to cover the IOS configurations! But feel free to ask anything about it. I will be there to help.

Who this course is for:

  • Flutter and Dart learning cravers
  • Flutter beginners
  • To all people who are interest in Flutter
  • For people who want to make a complete app in Flutter

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