Game Programming and Game Development with MonoGame


  • There are some basics of mathematical tools like matrices and coordinate system and C programming or coding skills that the user should know when starting this course. Matrices and coordinate systems are used to convert the 2D framework into a 3D framework but the user should not worry much if they are not aware of coding and these terms. Coding and these terms will be explained in the tutorials and to learn more about it a user can learn coding by browsing in Google. The lectures are so well explained that even a beginner in the coding skills can learn this course.


What is MonoGame?

It is a free framework used by software game developers to design games It is developed by Jose Antonio Farias and Bill Reiss. Firstly, official release 2.5.1 was done in June 2012. This version supports only 2D. It can run on different platforms. It supports different operating systems like Android, IOS, PlayStation, Linux, and many more. It uses Microsoft XNA 4 API. Famous games created using this software are Fez and Bastion.

Which Skills will you learn in this Training?

The main purpose of this course is to make any new developer learn the coding skills of the MonoGame framework. This course will let you learn the back end programming of MonoGame. After completing this course user will able to create their 2D or 3D games. In the starting video tutorials, the user will learn about the basic application tools. In the last modules, we will create our games and apply those tools to learn how to apply those tools. After learning the last tutorials user will able to make their games.

The course will start with a detailed description of the MonoGame software. This course how we can start working in MonoGame software. It tells about the platform needed to run this software. It contains all the useful websites to download the applications required for this software. This starting course is very useful from the perspective of any developer.

This course tells the installation methods to use MonoGame software on your laptop or PC. The installation method is explained with all the images needed to run this software. This course is so well explained that a person having even a small knowledge can successfully install this software in his or her system. Links of necessary websites are given in the course to download the set up required to install this software. After successfully installing the setup the next step is to use this software.

Who this course is for:

  • The gaming Industry market is growing at a rapid pace. Games work as an entertainment medium for the whole universe. Gone are the days when people need a powerful computer system to install a game. Now every smart mobile had sufficient RAM as well as memory to install and run game applications. Thus any user who wants to explore his career in the gaming industry can learn this course and start making their games.

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