How to Build a Private Blog Network.


  • Some knowledge of WordPress is Preferred but not essential.


In this course we go through start to finish of building your own successful Private Blog Network. We start of with planning and research, all the aspects you need to learn about to make it successful, pricing, keywords, expired domains, footprints and anything else you need to know about Private Blog Networks.

I have some quizzes to go over key points in the course after each section and also written content to go along with the course. Included are two recourses to structure your PBN and make a great starting plan and also to keep your PBN blog list arranged well so you can use it properly.

We go into detail about keywords and how you can use the effectively, how you can analyse expired domains and also buy them. How to structure all your blogs to leave no footprints. And of course pricing of running a Private Blog Network.

Using a Private Blog Network you can successfully grow your main site much faster than you would organically. You are also able to start a consultancy to charge for your ability of growing other websites also. Using PBN’s for SEO is a powerful way to grow as long as you do it correctly.

Who this course is for:

  • WordPress Designers Looking to Grow Their Websites
  • Beginner SEO Consultants

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