IBM Big Data Engineer Certification 2021


This certification is intended for IBM Big Data Engineers. The Big Data Engineer works directly with the Data Architect and hands-on Developers to convert the architect’s Big Data vision and blueprint into a Big Data reality. The Data Engineer possesses a deep level of technical knowledge and experience across a wide array of products and technologies. A Data Engineer understands how to apply technologies to solve big data problems, and has the ability to build large-scale data processing systems for the enterprise. Data engineers develop, maintain, test and evaluate big data solutions within organizations. They provide input on the needed hardware and software to the architects.

Big Data Engineers focus on collecting, parsing, managing and analyzing large data sets, in order to provide the right data sets and visual tools for analysis to the data scientists. They understand the complexity of data and can handle different data variety (structured, semi-structured, unstructured), volume, velocity (including stream processing), and veracity. They also address the information governance and security challenges associated with the data. They have a good background in software engineering and extensive programming and scripting experience.

To attain the IBM Certified Big Data Engineer, candidates must pass one test. To gain additional knowledge and skills, and prepare for the test based on the job roles and test objectives,

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