JavaServer Pages (JSP) – Complete Course Bundle


  • Basic knowledge in web frameworks and also Java frameworks would be an added advantage. Engineering or computer science degree is an added advantage. The course is prepared for an easy understanding of the concepts and it covers from basics to advanced levels of JSP training.


You will be getting the introduction of the topic and the jargon will be explained to you in detail so that you can find it easy to understand the advanced topics that will be discussed later. This unit has been introduced by keeping the beginners in mind hence all the topics here will be covering the fundamentals of JSP technology and Web pages.

Learn with a Realtime use case project work on developing an administration management system that is used to track employee details such as login, attendance, leaves, salary information, experience, designation, etc. All the details will be collected and managed by the administration end and the access will be given only to the admin. This project will be very helpful to understand technology more practically.

JSP or Java Server Pages is a server-side technology that is used for creating web applications. JSP is a technology that is used to create web applications it has more advantages than using servlets. unlike Servlet Design and development of pages can be separated for working when we use JSP. It has all the features of servlets and in addition to that, it has features like implicit objects, expression language, predefined and customized tags for fast and efficient development of web pages. It is easy to maintain, faster in development and comparatively lesser code to write than servlet.

The predominant skills you will learn in this JSP Training are developing Web-based applications and front-end development of Web-based applications. The course offers knowledge to develop GUI based applications. The course offers a deeper understanding of different web services such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) & REST (Representational State Transfer). The course offers the necessary skill set to work with integrating the Java application & Database to develop and manage an application using JDBC (Java Database Connectivity API). Extensive knowledge of tools like Ant & Maven which are used in a project building and Execution is also covered in this JSP Training.

Who this course is for:

  • Working people and Freelancers in the software development or Java development or Web frameworks and as well as for fresh Job seekers this JSP Training will offer them a good value addition and skill required to excel in the JSP development domain. For young graduates who are willing to pursue a career in web development, JSP training offers them a great path in the successful transition of their careers.

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