Master Data Structures for Optimal Solutions in Python



master Data Structures?

  • The simple and naive solution to problems like
    Bracket Problems
    Nearest Smallest Element
     and many more… are not efficient and are too
    slow for large input sizes. They kill your programs performance.
  • With the right Data Structure problems like that have fast and optimal run-time.
  • Also, it teaches you how performance is
    and what matters when solving your
    programming challenges.

We will cover all that and more.

Most courses on Data Structures focus too much on only mastering the
structures itself. 
Standard courses move too fast forward to complex Data Structures. The normal courses do
not explain use-cases
 and actually
show how you benefit from mastering data structures.

This course will focus on mastering the most important and used
Data Structures. 
will also show you how these Data Structures can be used to solve some of
most advanced programming challenges. Further, it will show you how wrong use of
Data Structures are killing the performance of your program.

This is not taught in standard Data Structure courses, which
only focus on the understanding and implementing Data Structures.

This course will teach you in an easy way the most used Data
Structures and master the power of them.


Python is the chosen language to learn programming for obvious reasons:

  • Python is easy to master
  • It is easy to solve complex
    problems in an elegant manner
  • …and it is a used by many
    professionals in most professions

Python is the chosen language to master Data Structures

  • It is easy to turn drawings of Data Structures into
    Python code.
  • No overhead syntax is needed to express functionality.
  • You only need to master how to get from a drawing to
    Python code.

This course will give you that and more!

How will you benefit from this course?

  • You will master the simplest way to turn drawings of
    Data Structures into Python code.
  • Understand how and when to use Data Structures.
  • Implement proven efficient data structures like Linked
    Lists, Stacks and Queues in less than 5 minutes.
  • Know what Data Structures to use to solve Programming
    Challenges in the optimal way.
  • How to check the performance of your program and Data
    Structures like a professional.
  • Simply, you will take your
    Python skills to the next level.

If you want to become
a effective programmer you need to have some basic understanding of the
underlying programming concepts. 
The more programming concepts you understand,
the more problems you can solve efficiently in Python

In this course we will
cover the 
essential proven Data Structures in an straight forward and easy
to understand way
. You will be learning
along the way and implement the Data Structures to get an understanding of it.

This course covers the following

  • Understand why Linked Lists, Stacks, and Queues are
    essential to understand in programming
  • Make simple and easy to understand implementations of
    Linked Lists, Staks, Queues, and Double Linked Lists
  • Learn how to reverse a Linked List
  • How to solve programming challenges like the Balancing
    Bracket Problem and Nearest Smallest Element Problem
  • Understand performance of programs and Data Structures
  • Why do the chosen data structure matters in your

The course is structures in an easy understandable way.

  • How to simplest turn the concept of a Linked List into
    beautiful and readable code.
  • Why you use a helper class to make the operations on
    Linked Lists.
  • Showing why the Linked List is an efficient Data
    Structures for implementing Stacks and Queues.
  • How to solve problems with the Data Structures
  • Also, how to test performance of your solutions

You code along – you only learn by trying yourself

  • At each small step you make the implementation along
    with me.
  • You implement it on all stages to increase your
    understanding of the data structures.
  • Basically, we learn along the way.

Who is this course for?

  • You have used Python on any level.
  • You may be a beginner that want to program as a
  • …or you have been programming for years, but need to
    understand the basics better
  • You do understand the concepts of Python functions, if, for and while-loops.
  • …that’s all you need – still uncertain of your skills
    – check out the 
    prerequisite lecture that takes you through the requirements.

The course has a 30 day money back
 that ensures if
you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. Also, feel free to contact
me directly if you have any questions.


Who this course is for:

Beginner Python developer that wants to master how data
structures gives optimal solutions to problems

Python developer that wants to increase knowledge about how to
implement and solve general problems in Python



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