Mastering MEAN.JS: Fullstack Ultimate Course


  • Basic working knowledge on HTML, JS, CSS & RxJS


Mastering MEAN.JS: The Ultimate Full Stack Course is the world class material to become a full stack MEAN developer. Learn how to build an e-commerce online shopping responsive web application from scratch using Angular 10+, Express & Mongo Db complete MEAN stack course. Learn how to integrate with PayPal gateway & finally learn how to deploy the app into the cloud using Heroku. This app is responsive such that it works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

What is MEAN.JS & MEAN Stack? ??‍?

MEAN.JS is a full-stack JavaScript solution that helps you build fast, robust, and maintainable production web applications using MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. The MEAN stack is a collection of four main software application components (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS) that are used together to form a complete web application platform.

Why should I learn MEAN stack? ??

In Asp .NET stack you need to learn:

  1. C# for server side programming
  2. JavaScript for client side programming
  3. SQL for database

In LAMP ? (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.) stack you need to learn:

  1. PHP for server side programming
  2. JavaScript for client side programming
  3. MYSQL for database

In MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node JS) or MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS) stack

  1. You only need to learn JAVASCRIPT for client, server and database programming?
  2. Many big companies like Linked In, Twitter, Amazon, Google & Microsoft are using MERN and MEAN stack to build their applications. That is why I prefer MEAN or MERN stack.

Which Angular App I will build in this course?

After finishing this course you will build a production ready ecommerce online shopping angular application. Please visit this site to see what you will build ecommerce online shopping application. Feel free to register yourself and run all of the use cases that I have mentioned. You can play with this app on your mobile, tablet and desktop! Enjoy! This is the pro app that you will build right from the blank angular app till this level in Angular and node.js.

In this course we will start with a basic angular app. I will teach you how to use angular CLI to create angular new angular application, angular components, angular services, angular module & also to build and serve angular application. Then we will go deep on Angular by learning Angular interceptors, Services, Dependency Injections, Unit Testing, Higher Order Observables and much more.

So get ready and I am super excited to teach you in this course.

Why should I enroll in a Mastering MEAN.JS course?

Mastering MEAN.js is the premiere video course for building production, Fullstack applications with Reactive Angular, Node.js & Mongo-DB from scratch. Create a highly scalable eCommerce web app using MEAN stack. You will build responsive web applications that will work in mobile, tablet, iPad, desktop etc. Build user login & authentication. Gateway to PayPal for credit card payment process. Visit Live Demo eCommerce App here.

Nowadays JavaScript is used for blackened and front-end development. Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Netflix and many more big companies. Additionally many mid level companies are looking for JavaScript full-stack developers. Therefore, you should strive to get expertise on JavaScript and want to make your career in JavaScript. On the same note, making Full Stack applications using JavaScript was never possible without MEAN.js. Therefore, Companies all over the world are using MEAN.js to build high performance, highly scalable applications. This course will teach you the skills necessary to build the best-in-class Full Stack Angular application powered by Node.js in MEAN stack.

If you are already a developer then you should definitely enroll in this course in order to learn MEAN.JS and how to organize large angular projects. You will also learn how you can deploy your code to the cloud. These are top requirements that companies are looking for so it is a good idea to have these knowledge and skill sets. You will learn event driven architecture style which is vastly used in micro-services architecture and enterprise service bus kind of projects. So it is a great course for you to get yourself ready for your next ngrx, angular or any event driven architecture style projects.

If you are a student or person who wants to start a career in programming on Angular then also this course is helpful to you. So that you will get full hands on coding experience for writing Angular Node.js applications from scratch and deploy to the cloud. This will give you a great boost to your career.

Is this course for me? Well below are the viewers who can benefit from this course. This course is highly recommended for all software engineers who are in Angular technology or want to come on Angular related technology.

  1. Who wants to learn Angular from basic to professional Angular programming level in the right way.
  2. Who is preparing for interview in Angular & MEAN stack ( must purchase this course highly recommended for interview preparation )
  3. Who wants to build full fledged production like an e-commerce app from scratch.
  4. Who wants to become a Full Stack Software Engineer.
  5. Who wants to become a LEAD Software Engineer in their current company.
  6. Who wants to learn Angular, express & Mongo-DB in-depth.

What are the features I will build in Angular eCommerce Shopping App?

In Mastering MEAN.JS ultimate course you will build an e-commerce online shopping web application & you will work on below features:

  • Product mart app should show all of the products on the shopping page.
  • New users can register in our product mart.
  • Registered users can login / log out.
  • Once a user is logged-in, users can browse through the shopping page.
  • Users can add products to their cart.
  • Users should be able to update quantity, delete items on their cart page.
  • Users should be able to purchase cart items by checking out their cart.
  • Users should be able to pay their order by using their PayPal account.
  • System should handle payment successfully, cancel payment, and error situations while payment.
  • Once an order is placed & payment is successful, the user should receive a confirmation email.
  • Users should be able to view all of their orders so far placed.
  • Users should be able to view details of a selected order.
  • All of the API on the server side is secured and un-authorized users should not have access.
    What should I know before I enroll in this course?

You need basic working knowledge on HTML, JS, CSS & RxJS.

You can start learning RxJS for free from Fullstack master school.

Learning RxJS is highly recommended before you start this course. Therefore please learn below RxJS courses in the given sequence.

  1. RxJS Getting Started
  2. RxJS Marble Diagrams Introduction
  3. RxJS Subjects Getting Started
  4. RxJS State Management Techniques

What will I Learn in the Mastering MEAN.js course?⛳

This course is full of theory and practical knowledge. I will give you lots of Interview questions for Angular & Node.js. You will learn Angular coding from beginning till the Angular PRO level coding. I will teach you debugging and fixing Angular & Node.JS. You will learn below skills and technology stacks. I will teach you both client side and server side technology. You will learn MEAN stack from scratch. I will go deep in Angular by teaching you Http Interceptors, Dynamic Dialog registrations, Reactive forms, custom validations, redux style selectors, push based architecture, local storage service and much more. On the server side I will teach you express middleware, JWT authentication.

Learning Angular Right way

  • Learn how to use Angular CLI to create components, App, Module, Service.
  • Learn Angular Dependency Injection from basic to pro level.
  • Learn how to create & use Angular Services.
  • Learn how to create & use Angular Components.
  • Learn how to communicate between child & parent angular components.
  • Learn how to communicate with a server using HTTP Client in Angular.
  • Learn how to use Angular Pipe & Filters.
  • Learn Angular & RxJS integrations.
  • You will learn how to write unit tests for Angular apps.
  • I will teach you how to use Angular Interceptors to modify Http Headers & add JWT token for each HTTP request to Server.
  • Use RxJS Behavior Subject to create Managed State Services in Angular.
  • Learn how to create RxJS higher order observables to solve complex subscriptions.
  • Write Angular lazy loaded modules for improving app performance.
  • Learn how to integrate and use Angular Material in the Mastering MEAN.js course.
  • You will learn how to use Angular Material Dialogs in Angular App.
  • I will teach you how to use Angular Material Tables, Paginations and sorting.
  • Learn Flex Layout & make mobile friendly web applications.
  • You will build responsive apps that will work on Mobile, Tablet, iPad & desktop.
  • Learn Why and how to use Reactive Forms in Angular app.
  • I will teach you how to write a Reactive Angular App.
  • You will learn how to debug angular code & server side code together.

Learning Angular Architecture

  • Distilling the problem domain to find the best solution.
  • Breaking big problems into small problems.
  • Learn how to organize your angular app.
  • Organizing large scale angular application folder structures.
  • Learn what is Feature, Core, Shared and Block modules.
  • Understanding the dependency graph of various modules like CORE, SHARED and Block Modules.
  • Industry standard best practices for large scale full stack applications.

Learning Reactive Angular Programming

  • Learn how to use Reactive Forms to write Reactive Angular Apps.
  • Use the Redux Store concept to manage state without using the Redux Library.
  • Write Selectors to compose views & use Selectors and store in Components.

Learning Server side Programming

  • Learn how to create a web server using express.
  • Learn server side routing & sub-routing techniques.
  • Learn how to use middleware to register custom routes & functions.
  • Learn how to use Passport.js and Bcrypt technology to do server side Authentication.
  • Learn how to create JWT tokens in node.js.
  • Learn how to secure server side REST APIs.

Learning Angular Debugging & Fixing Bugs

  • You will see & debug angular app in VS Code.
  • Learn can you debug both client and server together.
  • I will give you a couple of bugs in the Angular app to fix them.
  • I will show you in the live demo how to fix those Angular Bugs.

Learning Node.js & Express Debugging & Fixing Bugs

  • I will teach you how to debug server side node.js code in VS Code.
  • You will get Express, Node.js bugs to solve in this course.
  • I will teach you by showing a live demo on how to fix Node.JS bugs.

Learning Database Programming MongoDB

  • Learn how to install MongoDB on a Windows machine.
  • I will share with you a guide to installing Mongo DB on your own.
  • You will learn how to use Mongoose in Node.js to do server side validations out of the box.
  • I will teach you how to create models and write queries using Mongoose to communicate mongo db.
    Learning Building & Deploying Angular App
  • I will teach you how you can deploy both Angular & Server side code locally and test.
  • You can follow the technique to deploy server side code in Windows, Linux or any type of servers.
  • Learn how to build an angular app in local using ng build command.
  • I will teach you how you can build an angular app for production deployment.
  • Learn how to manage Environment variables used for various servers.
  • I will teach you how to use the ‘env file’ to manage environment variables & constants.

Learning Heroku Cloud Technology ?

  • You will learn how to deploy production angular app to Cloud
  • I will demonstrate to you how to use Heroku.
  • Learn how to deploy your angular app in Heroku.
  • Learn how to deploy Node.js apps in Heroku.
  • I will teach you how to configure CI/CD in Heroku.
  • You will learn how to deploy node.js & angular app from GitHub To Heroku.
  • I will also teach you how to use the Heroku CLI on a local machine.
  • You will learn how to auto build and deploy in Heroku after pushing changes to GitHub.

Learning MEAN Stack

  • Angular (Client Side Technology )
  • Node.js (Server Side Technology )
  • Express (Server Side Technology )
  • Mongo Db (Backend Technology )
  • RxJS & Reactive Programming (Client Side Technology )
  • Redux style (Architecture )

Learning Tools & Software ?

You will get hands-on experience on the tools and software’s that is currently used over big industries. Below are the list of tools you will be getting expertise:

  • VS Code
  • Git
  • Web Pack
  • Node.js
  • Express

What can I do After finishing this course? ?

After finishing this course you will have working PRO+ knowledge in Angular & Node.js. You will be able to write any Fullstack Angular app on your own. You will be able to give and crack any Angular interview. You will definitely board on to your next dream company.


Beginners and Intermediate

Age Group

All Ages


Html, CSS, Angular, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, RxJS, Heroku, webpack, Git, VS Code, Debugging, REST API, JWT, VS Code, Programming, deployment, ci/cd, angular material, Flex

Who this course is for:

  • Student who wants to build e-commerce Angular project from scratch
  • Beginner-JavaScript Programmer who wants to become Angular developer
  • Beginner-Angular Programmer who wants to become lead or senior Angular developer

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