Python Desktop Apps with Tkinter


  • You should already have a basic understanding of Python
  • Understand Object Oriented Programming (OOP)


GUI for Python

Master tkinter concepts and fundamentals with Python

Build graphical apps with Python. Want to move out of the console and make desktop applications? This course is for you! With Tkinter you can make Python desktop applications in Mac OS, Windows or Linux. Master Tkinter through practical tutorials.

Why you need this course

Tkinter isn’t easy to grasp without the right explanation. This course teaches you the concepts step by step. The course has straightforward examples. All code is downloadable, so you can easily incorporate concepts in your own app. My course integrates gets you on the road becoming a successful Tkinter developer.

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers who want to build GUI Applications and Tools
  • Developers who want to convert their command line tools to GUI
  • Students who wants to learn Tkinter GUI
  • Beginners who want to step into the world of Python GUI Programming
  • Do NOT take this course if you are a Python GUI Developer with many years of experience

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