Search Engine Optimization: SEO Fundamentals 101 to Advanced


  • SEO is a technical topic and hence basic understanding of web technologies and the internet is expected. To understand the course content well and to be comfortable start working in this field, it is recommended that the user has familiarity with at least one programming language. Familiarity with web crawlers, indexing, and the scripting language is required. Users also need to know basic of the command line and Linux systems. Apart from these, previous exposure to analytics, particularly web analytics and web design is also preferred but not mandatory. If you have worked with PHP or JavaScript, then it is an added advantage.


SEO or search engine optimization refers to the techniques that make a website easily indexed and thus available for after a search query is executed on search engines such as Google or Bing. Indexing and searching are important for the visibility of a website. The Internet consists of billions of web pages and in such a huge crowd it is easy to get lost. Many independent studies reveal that less than 1% of the people go to the second or subsequent pages on search results shown by Google. Thus, your website or blog must come not only on the first page but probably within the top 3- 5 pages for the users to visit your website. Hence, it becomes quite important to implement necessary SEO practices on your web page.

Search engine optimization can be understood as the practice which increases the quantity as well as the quality of traffic to a given website through organic and specific search engine results.

To understand what SEO means, the following points can be presented:

  • Quality of traffic: – to ensure only relevant people visit your website who are interested in your product or services or the content you provide, it is important that the same is indexed and understood by the search engine otherwise a lot of people can get distracted if they come searching for apple phone and your website sells apple fruit.
  • Quantity of traffic: – Only the right people coming to the website is not enough, we need a sufficient number of visitors to make any meaningful impact be its popularity, money or fame, etc.
  • Organic results: – If we can attract a lot of visitors without spending much on advertising then it is called organic.

How does search engine work: – Google or other search engine have a crawler which indexes the web and collect information about all the content that is available on the internet for a given query. The crawlers bring all those results back to the search engine base to build an index for that query. That index is now fed to an algorithm that tries to match all that data with a given query.

SEO is a very important skill to have. All the websites implement this to make sure they are visible in top results when a relevant search query is performed on a search engine. This SEO training teaches how one can make a web page visible as one of the top results on Google or any other search engine. Many skills are taught includes Google Ad-words, Google Analytics, Page optimization, proper keyword selection, page designing, etc. This SEO training is completely practical where candidates learn all those skills which they can implement in a real-time work immediately after learning.

Even those users who have their website or blog can ensure that their page is visible as top results on Google after learning the necessary skills in this course.

Many people have awesome content on their pages, but it is still not visible to millions of people across the world because they do not optimize their page for it. Thus, when a user performs a query, their pages are not shown. This SEO training teaches all about managing your web pages keeping in view SEO to ensure more traffic to your page with better quality and less advertisement.

Who this course is for:

  • This SEO certification course is intended for web professionals, web designers, and system administrators. Those who want to make a career in this domain should enroll in this SEO training. Fresh graduates, as well as working professional who wants to optimize a website or is working with a company which specializes in optimizing web pages of their client, can be a good target audience for this course. Apart from these, individuals who host their own personal or professional blogs or websites can also benefit from this SEO training by learning important techniques to optimize their web page. This course can also be suitable for managers and web page owners who want to groom their SEO team and thereby need to be familiar with the domain himself as well.

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