Strategic Management – Fundamentals 101 to Advanced


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Based on the assessment of the internal and external environments, and consideration of resources, formulation, and execution of main goals of the organization, initiative taken by top management on behalf of owners is known as Strategic Management, providing overall direction to an enterprise from specifying the goals of the organization, to developing plans and policies, to execute the planning, by allocating resources for plan implementation.

All the necessaries that are required for an organization to meet its goals and objectives, starting from continuous planning, monitoring, analysis, and assessment are what is Strategic Management all about. To be successful, fast-paced innovation, customer expectations, and emerging technologies have forced the organizations to think and make decisions strategically. With the help of the strategic management process, company managers analyze the company’s present situation, chalk out the strategies, execute them, and assess the effectiveness of the strategies implemented. Cross-functional business decisions are analyzed before implementing them, using the strategic management process.

Strategic Management represents an organization’s ability to set long term and short term goals, and fulling there objective by making decisions and actions required to reach the goals, by necessitating a commitment to strategic planning.

Which tangible skills you will learn in this course?

  • Industry and Competitive Analysis: In this course, you will learn about the industry and competitive analysis, as it will teach you all the skills of a Strategic manager. A strategic manager has to undergo all the details and analysis in detail before making any decision for the organization, hence he gains enough knowledge about the industry and competition around.
  • Resource and competency analysis: Without resource, no strategy can be executed, hence resource plays a vital role for an organization to reach its targeted goals. In this Strategic Management Training, you will learn about resource and competency analysis in detail.
  • Analyzing Strategy across corporate and business level: A strategic manager has the responsibility to make the best strategy for his organization, using all the resources, best suitable to the environment, by analyzing strategy across the corporate and business level.
  • Understanding a Business plan: A business plan is based on a lot of factors, doing a SWOT analysis, utilizing the best of resources. In this Online Strategic Management Course, you will learn to understand a business plan, as a strategic manager’s prime objective is to build a plan for their organization, to reach the goals and achieve success.

Strategic management training aims at improving the efficiency and the productivity of the employees to achieve the organization’s goals and targets.

This training focusses on boosting up employee motivation and engagement to work better and to explore their potentials. Thus, it aims at making a better workplace with a happy and satisfied workforce.

Risk management is one of the most important aspects covered under this training for improving the business, to minimize the risk for the employees and business both, to be ready to deal with uncertain challenges, etc.

Strategic management training tends to upskill the employee and their knowledge of business fundamentals and business-related tools which in return is necessary for the organization to grow and prosper.

The training teaches innovative ways to meet customer demands and to serve them better. This course enables you to understand and cater to the needs of the customer and business.

This training covers business analysis, resource management, and strategy implementation which is very important for any organization.

The training covers various case business case studies for understanding the key business concepts and fundamentals, different perceptions, business verticals, sales ideas & models, their analysis, business data handling, etc.

This course offers learning and understanding of logistics chain management, the value of customer feedback, different marketing strategies as per the needs of the customers, and retail management.

One of the most important strategies which are widely accepted is digital marketing. This course focusses on the digital marketing key concepts, digital marketing platforms, search engine optimization, various types of digital marketing, techniques for handling the high volume of the network, pay per click concepts for handling marketing campaigns, offline marketing tips and tricks and many more to reach out to a major population of the customer.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing Managers: This course is ideal for Marketing Managers, as it will help you understand marketing better and make you grow and progress in your field.
  • Entrepreneur: If you are running your own business, this Online Strategic Management Course is really for you. You can take a step ahead to success by doing this course and developing all the skills of a strategic manager, as an owner you will know best about your business thus taking the best decision.
  • CEO: A Chief Executive Officer of any company is responsible for profit or loss of a company, for which he needs to take some very important decisions throughout the project, this Strategic Management Training will help him to make a fruitful strategy and make the best use out of it.
  • Students: This course is ideal for students just coming out of college, as it helps them to gain practical knowledge about Strategic Management. Also, this certified course will give a great impact on the recruiters, helping the student to get his desired job.

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