Terraform fundamentals on Azure [ Terraform Associate ]


  • Laptop with internet connection
  • Azure subscription (Trial would work)
  • Code Editor preferably Visual Studio Code


Understand the core fundamentals of terraform, how it is different from Cloud-native tools like cloud formation from AWS, ARM for Azure, or deployment manager from Google. Learn the nuances of Terraform to use it as an Infrastructure as Code to provision and manage any cloud, infrastructure, or service.

Expand your terraform knowledge to the next level where we would be starting with core fundamentals of terraform and learning some of the advanced features like loops, if statements, conditionals, for-each loop, functions, provisioners, data, and imports. Over the next few hours, we would be building a production-ready multi-tier application right from scratch using terraform.

This course is one of the few in the marketplace, where it is being regularly updated almost real-time basis as soon as the Hashicorp (Terraforms Parent company) launch any new set of feature, we make sure learner enroll in the course get the best out of the content.

We also as a team strive to be customer-focused by making sure whatever queries are being put on direct messages or in the community, we try to get back to the learner within 24 hours if not early, there have been scenarios where our instructors have been on screen sharing session with the users and helped them solve the problems.

Prepare for interviews and certification by solving quizzes at the end of sessions.

What will you learn over the next few hours and How the course is shaped?

  • Terraform As an Infrastructure as a Code
  • Installation
  • Writing terraform configuration
  • Parameterising Configuration
  • Terraform State
  • for and for-each loop
  • Loops used for expressions
  • Count Parameter
  • Conditionals
  • Terraform Functions
  • Terraform modules
  • Public registry
  • Reuse code to create modules
  • Building a multi-tier application
  • Production-ready Terraform code
  • Provisioners with Terraform
  • Terraform Import
  • Infrastructure CI-CD
  • Deployment via Github Actions
  • Store Secrets and Apply Workflow
  • Data Sources
  • Custom Variables
  • Count with Modules
  • Dynamic for each loop for list of objects
  • Introduction Sensitive Variables
  • Gitlab YAML (CI-CD)

Who this course is for:

  • System Administrator
  • DevOps Professional
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers

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